Cash Management and Control Solution

"Prior to the implementation of WEBSAFE, our managers were spending too much time on a daily basis counting and handling cash. Now with WEBSAFE, managers have more time to focus on other aspects of running our business. Our customers benefit because the managers can provide better service to them as they are more involved and engaged in the business. The way WEBSAFE tracks deposits and controls cash is a great asset as well.”

– Mark Waters Owner of 2 McDonalds Restaurants

What is WebSafe?

WebSafe is a cash management and control system for counting and handling cash in your business. Hardware and software components are configured to meet your specific business requirements. We will work with you to configure the solution that works for your business.


WebSafe reduces time spent counting cash by 75%. The time saved can be put towards crucial revenue generating activities.

WebSafe will secure your cash and reduce the number of times it’s handled in your business which in turn reduces risk and improves controls.

WebSafe reduces labor costs, reduces risk, and improves controls around handling cash in your business.