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How much of your time is spent counting cash? Make an estimate; the total time you spend each week counting cash might surprise you. What if you could save as much as half the time it now takes to balance all the cash drawers and prepare the bank deposit? After all, don’t you have enough to do already?

Automated Financial Systems is a leading provider of Cashmaster, Magner, and other count-by-weight (CBW) cash management, currency sorter, and counterfeit detection solutions. We work with businesses looking to streamline their cash management, reduce labor, improve accuracy and ultimately deliver an improved customer service. From small to large businesses, we work with customers across the country.

Through our cash management systems, our clients are able to spend more time with their customers on the front-line. Time is precious, and our cash management products help businesses reclaim this valuable resource.

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Have you ever said, "There just isn't enough time?"

While balancing cash receipts or preparing deposits, have you ever been interrupted by a phone call, or maybe someone walks into your office with a question and you lose count? Did you have to start over? Have you wondered if an odd-looking bill is counterfeit? Or perhaps the receipts you are verifying don't balance so you count them again, and again, and again...

Automated Financial Systems has been in business in Texas since 1988, and we have a proven track record. Our clients include IBC Bank with over 100 currency discriminators installed in their offices in Laredo, Corpus Christi, Houston, and all through their offices in the Rio Grande Valley. Also, Coca Cola in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, the University of Texas in Austin, UTSA, Texas A & M, Texas State University, San Marcos and the El Paso County Tax Office.

We have sold CoinStream, a self-service coin system, to Texas Community Bank, American Bank in Corpus Christi, First Victoria Bank, Border Credit Union in Del Rio, First Service Credit Union in Houston, River City Credit Union in San Antonio and United Texas Credit Union in San Antonio. We also do business with numerous companies that use our Cashmaster cash counting machines; such as Whataburger, Starbucks, Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, Whole Food Market, Wendy's, Dollar General, Tractor Supply, True Value Hardware, Ace Hardware, and McAllen Parks and Recreation, and 40 Texas school districts.

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Deciding on the right cash management system for your business can prove to be a challenging task. We encourage you to browse through all of our available products. Once you have narrowed down your list, please give us a call to schedule a demo or to learn more.


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