Newton-A 1+1 Pocket Value Counter

Precise Counterfeit Detection
US Dollar Detection
High Speed 1500 NPM
Serial Number Reading (OCR)
4.3 Inch Touch Display (480 x 272)
1+1 Pockets


Kisan NT30

Heavy Duty Processing
4.3" Touch Panel
Up to 48 Currency Types
Multi Scan Technology
Kisan Accurate Recognition Technology


Zeus 2-Pocket Currency Discriminator

Advanced Counterfeit Detection
Compact Design
Quiet Operation
Uninterrupted Counting
Unparalleled Bill Recognition
Detailed Count Reporting Functions

Newton Mini

Premium Value Counter

Linux OS Platform
Double CIS Sensors
FOREX Function
Auto Currency Recognition
Serial Number Reading (OCR)


TBS SD-900 Single-Pocket Currency Discriminator

Advanced Counterfeit Detection
3.5" Color Display
Multi-Currency Processing
Compact Design
Plug-and-play USB port allows for fast and easy currency upgrades
Easy Operation and Maintenance


Hitachi iSniper Single-Pocket Currency Discriminator

Advanced Counterfeit Detection
Wide LCD Display
Easy Error Code Display
Enhanced Low Noise Technology
3D Size Detection
Up to 5 Currencies
Full Line IR CIS Sensor


Kisan K5: 5 Pocket Desktop High Speed Fitness Sorter

Space Saving Vertical Design
High Speed (1000 notes)
Single Path Face & Orientation
Casino Clearance Program
Auto Currency Support


Kisan K6 Modular Premium 4+2 Pocket Fitness Sorter

Flexible & Easy Pocket Assignment
Wide Opened Pocket Design
Multi-Currency Application
Multi/Auto Currency
Pocket Capacity Max 500
Dual Pocket Expandable (Max 12 pocket)